Read Magazine Scans

In the late 80s and early 90s, I used to really enjoy Read magazine, and I've saved a few of the issues I had back then, as well as some from before my time (late 70s/early 80s), which my school still had copies of. I wish I had more, but... here's what I've got. And btw, every issue includes a lot more stuff than just the things that I mention here.

This issue includes "The Weapon" by Fredric Brown" and "Herbie" by Rod Serling.

This, obviously, includes one of Star Trek's most famous episodes... though the issue came out about 10 years after it aired. Weird.

Ooh, this has Cylons! Old school Cylons! And other robots. And "Reason" by Isaac Asimov.

This includes stuff about the future. And "The Hound of the Baskervilles."

This includes "Lady of the Sauropods" by Robert Silverberg.

This includes "Donovan's Brain," from an old Orson Welles radio play.

I think that this must be the first one of the issues I've kept that was actually from the years when my class was using them. It includes the story "Cutie Pie" by Nicholas Fisk, which is one of the things I remember best from Read.

This contains "The Ruum" by Arthur Porges, which is one of the titles I remember best from Read, even if not the story itself (I always expect it to be a Fredric Brown story).

This includes "Heading Home" by Ramsey Campbell, another of the stories I remember best (come to think of it, remembering things best may be how I chose which issues to keep). Anyway, the title is a rather dark pun, which I think... maybe we weren't supposed to read until after we'd read the story itself. And there's other stuff about ghosts in the issue.

"Tobermory" by Saki is, you guessed it, another of the stories I remember best.

This includes "Sam Spayed and the Sardines," a student-written story which was later learned had plagiarized a Garfield story.

This must be the first of the issues I got from my Freshman home room teacher in high school (or at least the first one that I still have, from high school). You can see from the cover one thing it includes, but what I remember better is "Test" by Theodore L. Thomas. Now that was a chilling story.

In addition to clearly Halloweenish stuff, this includes "Lord of the Flies." (I don't specifically remember any of that stuff.)

This includes an episode of "The Wonder Years." It also includes "Zoo" by Edward D. Hoch, which I guess I sort of remember.

This includes "The Law of the Foot" (a King Arthur adaptation by Catherine Gourley), and "Stone" by Peter Dickinson.

This includes an ABC Afterschool special called "Stood Up!", which I probably would have liked to see, but I didn't get ABC back then. Anyway, I guess I mainly kept the issue because I thought the girl was cute. (Like, seriously, would you have stood her up?)

This includes "They're Made Out of Meat" by Terry Bisson. And "Sentry" by Fredric Brown. And "A Tale of Two Cities." And stuff.