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This launched in 1990, and it's still going. The earliest issue I still have is from January 31, 1992. That's probably the first issue of my original subscription... I can see where I had peeled off the address label, but I suppose I can't say for sure it was my subscription. I believe the first time I ever saw or even heard of EW was in a box of magazines that... were probably in some classroom in my high school. I think. I really can't picture what room it was (why does that even matter to me?) but I can't imagine it would have been anywhere other than high school. (But it could have been someplace else. I dunno.) Anyway... I must have taken some issues from the box and then started my own subscription. So maybe this is one from the box, but I doubt it. Anyway, I've subscribed to it almost every year since 1992, though there were maybe a few years at the start of the 2000s that I didn't subscribe, because I couldn't afford it at the time. But all in all, this is the magazine that has been a part of my life for the longest period of any magazine, ever. And I suppose it's currently my favorite magazine; before that, Starlog would have been my favorite, and for several years, Anime Insider would have narrowly edged out EW. But both those titles are defunct now, unfortunately, so... EW is currently unchallenged, in my heart. And it continues to be an invaluable source of info on all aspects of pop culture.

These days I generally don't keep issues for more than a week (or two if it's a double issue), though there are exceptions. Some I may keep for a few months, if they have like TV or movie previews for a whole season. Others I may keep indefinitely, if I'm particularly interested in their contents. But in the old days, I would hold onto issues for years. It all got to be taking up too much space, though. And at some point I made malgazines out of them... and got rid of the rest. But now I have long since gotten rid of even the malgazines. And if I look at an archive of old covers online, I can get nostalgic and wish I still had certain issues. Maybe even every issue, whether I remember it specifically or not. Because nostalgia is a very powerful force. But anyway... I do still have a few. As I said, I have one from 1992 (#103). I also have #946, and #987, and #1102 (though my copy has Jack on the cover rather than Sawyer), and #1266, and #1436/1437, and #1460/1461, and #1487/1488, and #1506/1507, and #1553/1554. And I cannot stress enough how much I wish I still had so many older issues (or at least old malgazines). Dammit.

In 2017, I picked up a standalone magazine EW put out, The Ultimate Guide to Wonder Woman. (They had recently put out a similar magazine for "Beauty and the Beast," which I had considered getting, but didn't. And probably they've done and will continue to do other such things.) You can buy the WW issue on Amazon, but I wanted to provide links to EW.com for some of the articles in the magazine, because for some reason they don't seem to list them all together like I feel they should. (This is all I could find on EW.com, but there's lots more in the actual magazine.)
Super Friends (p. 28), Team Themyscira (p. 38), Welcome to Fantasy Island (p. 44), The Wonder Years (p. 62), Heroine Chic (p. 84), Who's Your Daddy? (p. 90).

At some point, EW started publishing fewer issues per year (Wikipedia says 34), so it wasn't exactly weekly, anymore. Then in August 2019, it officially switched to a monthly magazine, while retaining the name "Entertainment Weekly."

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