2001 Batman Calendar: The Villains of Gotham City
DC Comics and Cedco Publishing [defunct since 2005])

My scanner isn't big enough to scan an entire calendar page at once. Usually that means I'd take a couple of scans of each page, and paste them together. (Though it can be hard to get the scans to align perfectly, and the coloring usually doesn't quite match.) But for this calendar, I haven't bothered to even try. (And now I never will, because I sold it in 2016.) I only scanned each page once, which means the left side of each page is cropped out. I should also mention that the actual calendar pages (with all the dates) also had pictures of other comic book covers featuring each month's villain, and I haven't scanned those, either. Plus, a couple of months have their villain's bio on the calendar page instead of the picture page. So I'll just type those up here:

January: From the first days of Batman's career, the Joker has reigned unchallenged as his greatest nemesis, the Clown Prince of Crime. Seeing law and order as a joke, the Joker finds hilarity in crime, destruction, and death. And for him, the final defeat of Batman would be the perfect punchline.

July: Looking like Lewis Carroll's creation, it was inevitable that Jervis Tetch would call himself the Mad Hatter. The Hatter plants miniaturized devices in his victims' hats to control their minds. For a time, there was another Mad Hatter who obsessively collected hats and dreamed of the ultimate prize- Batman's cowl. But Tetch escaped from Arkham Asylum and disposed of the pretender, reclaiming the mantle of the Mad Hatter for himself.