Tek's Calendars Gallery
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One day, probably in January 2009, I was browsing in Hot Topic, and saw a fairies calendar (of a decidedly un-Disney nature). I kinda wanted it (but didn't get it), but I believe it was at that point that it suddenly occurred to me to start a gallery on my site specifically for calendars. (Note: I really shouldn't do this. A lot of calendars specifically say they may not be reproduced in any form without written permission. So... I guess I'm kind of breaking the law, here. Part of my brain therefore screams at me to delete the gallery, but unfortunately, the larger part screams at me that it's an unjust demand. Yes, that part of me is wrong. I cannot argue with that. And yet... I can't help feeling I'm right, even when I know I'm wrong. But that's true of roughly 90% of my life, and 89% of the time I do the right thing no matter how wrong it feels. So screw it... this is one of those few times I'm going to do the wrong thing, and hope no bad ever comes of it. No bad to me, I mean, like getting sued or something. I know no bad will come to whoever owns the rights to each calendar and its images. Which is why I feel like their demanding that I don't put the images online feels so unjust. Even so... if anyone ever contacts me and specifically asks me to remove any of the images in this gallery, I will comply.)

Anyway... over the years, I've had lots of different calendars (though there have also been plenty of years when I didn't have a calendar, I suppose). Most of them I didn't keep once the year ended, but these days I do. I remember one year, probably sometime in the mid-90s, I had an Elle MacPherson calendar, which I later tried and failed to sell in a yard sale or something. But it got left in the garage, and the elements crept in and destroyed it. (If I still had it, I'd probably scan it for the gallery, for the sake of nostalgia. Yes, just for nostalgia, and no other reason. But honestly, I'm kind of glad I don't have it anymore, because these days I prefer to limit my objectification of women to ones who are animated. And even that I feel kind of bad about. Although I really wouldn't mind someday getting a sexy fairy calendar of the type that inspired me to start this gallery.) Anyway, before I started my calendar gallery, I already had some scans of Tinker Bell calendars from 2007 and 2008 in my Disney Fairies gallery. So I moved those pics here, and from then on, I would scan any new calendars I got each year. Also, starting in 2013, I have gotten little one-sheet calendars as free gifts from Disney Movie Club. So, some years I'll scan those, and some I won't, depending on how much I like them.

2003-05: "Ladies of Anime." I used to have scans of these three calendars in a different gallery, but that gallery no longer exists. Maybe someday I'll re-scan them for this gallery. Or maybe not. (From Pioneer and Diamond Select Toys.)