Avatar: The Last Airbender

This page is for comics based on the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. There may be various publications based on the show, but this page is only for those put out by Dark Horse. (The majority of books by other publishers are of little or no interest to me anyway, though you might be interested in The Last Airbender Prequel: Zuko's Story.) There have also been various art books based on the TV series and its sequel, The Legend of Korra, but I don't have those and probably wouldn't review them anyway. But to read my reviews of the various Avatar comics, click the links below. (There are also some Korra comics, which I need to get eventually.)

Untitled Document Avatar: The Last Airbender comics
The Lost Adventures * The Promise * The Search * The Rift * Smoke and Shadow * North and South * Imbalance * Team Avatar Tales *
Katara and the Pirate's Silver * Toph Beifong's Metalbending Academy * Suki, Alone

The Legend of Korra comics
Turf Wars * Ruins of the Empire

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