Christmas season 2018

April 27
Watched The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe on Amazon.

May 28
Watched The Snowmen on Amazon.

July 25
Watched The Time of the Doctor on Amazon. I know this is the third Doctor Who Christmas special I watched this year, because I've been catching up on years I've missed. But it was the only one that I watched on "Christmas in July."

August 9
Watched a new Hearth's Warming Eve episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," called "The Hearth's Warming Club," on the DVR; it had aired five days earlier. It was pretty good, we got to hear stories about holidays celebrated in various non-pony lands. Also, because of this episode, I started this page today, including Christmas things I'd done earlier in the year. Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything. But of course, we've still got at least a few months before the real Christmas season begins....

August 29
I watched the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special, Last Christmas. I had planned on watching it on the 25th, but circumstances worked against me that day and every day until now. And... hopefully I'll write my review tomorrow.

September 25
I watched the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song.

September 27ish
I watched the 2016 Christmas episode of a webseries I've been catching up on recently, "Grumpy Princess Show."

October 25
This morning I tried the cereal my sister bought the other day, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch. It was yummy.

October 27
Watched the new special My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever.

November 17
I should mention that I recently ordered something to share with the fam at Christmas, and it arrived in the mail yesterday. I won't say what it is yet, because it's a surprise. (The order also included something just for me, a set of three DVDs, one of which I'll be watching sometime near Christmas.) Also, a couple of days ago I bought some old-fashioned Christmas candy at a dollar store, to share at Christmas. And today, I have made a Christmas comic at stripcreator.

November 20
I added five videos to my YouTube playlist of Christmas songs. (Four of them are new this year; one is from 1998, but I only just discovered it.) Also on the page where I have that playlist embedded, along with a list of the songs on it (so I can find replacements if any of the vids get deleted from YouTube), I decided to add years of release next to each song on the list. Just for the heck of it.

November 23
Tonight I watched the 1970 Christmas special Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town for the first time ever. While doing so, I drank some Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland tea from Celestial Seasonings. (I had it for the first time yesterday, which was Thanksgiving.)

November 28
I watched the new special A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy.

December 3
Added three more videos to my Christmas songs playlist. Also... I'm not sure if I made a mistake before when I said I added five videos on November 20, and I actually added six videos, or if I added another one sometime between then and now. (But it's not important.) Either way, as of today I have added nine videos so far this year. (Also today I swapped in a new music video to replace a lyric video of a song I added last year.)

December 4
Today I've been selecting some Christmas mp3s to possibly download and burn onto a CD (which I haven't done since 2015). Right now I've got 23 songs in my mp3 cart on Amazon, but I probably won't buy quite that many. Anyway, I'm not going to figure it out tonight. Meanwhile, I deleted the very first video on my YouTube playlist because it got blocked. And I added another video to the end of my playlist.

December 5
Well, it's Krampusnacht. So I downloaded one of the mp3s from my cart, the end credits music from "Krampus." Also I played some Pokemon Black... this is the reason I started my latest playthrough, a month or so ago. To catch Kyurem and name it Krampus. It's nice to have fulfilled that plan, today, but now I don't suppose there's much more I can do. Well, I beat Cynthia, and the first of the Elite Four. I'll finish the other three some other time, but after that there's not much to do, probably. Anyway... it is also a new tradition (started in 2016) for me to watch a holiday horror movie on Krampusnacht, and the one I'll be watching tonight is Better Watch Out.

December 8
I watched a DC Kids holiday special on YouTube. It was originally scheduled to air at 6:30 AM, and amazingly enough, I was awake at that hour. But it didn't come on. Eventually the time the page said it would start changed to 9:30, and then it changed to 10:30. Finally it came on around 10:38. It was frustrating waiting so long, but once it did, it was fairly fun, I guess. Then in the evening, Beth and I put up a tree. A real one. It's been awhile since we had a real one.

December 9
I guess my sister decorated the tree today. Mostly. (There isn't a topper yet.) But I added a few of my own ornaments. Also tonight I watched a new Christmas episode of Life Hacks for Kids. This is the first time I was actually caught up on the series when a holiday episode came out. (I expect there'll be at least one more holiday episode before Christmas.)

December 10
This week's episode of What They Got Right was about the movie "Elf."

December 11
I watched last Friday's episode of "Speechless," which wasn't a Christmas episode, but the episode started with the DiMeos having put up their Christmas tree earlier than usual. I also watched last Sunday's episode of "Bob's Burgers," which was technically a Christmas episode, though only as part of the B-plot, in which Linda (and later Bob) tried knitting scarves as Christmas gifts for the kids.

Last year I bookmarked a list (on iHorror) of Christmas horror short films to watch. But I didn't watch any of them last year. Sometime this year, not too long ago, I watched the first one on the list, Humbug, but I didn't get around to writing a review of it. Well, I rewatched it tonight, and this time I did write a review. And I watched the second film on the list, "Do You See What I see?", which I had previously had on a list of short films I wanted to watch. Well, now that I've seen it, I thought it was definitely okay, but I didn't really feel like writing a review. Also I watched the third film on the list, "Deathly Presents," though I had seen it some time ago because it was part of an anthology called Bloody Cuts. And then I started a new subsection of short film reviews for Christmas shorts, listing a number of films I had previously reviewed, as well as "Humbug." There are some more films I need to watch on the iHorror list, but I definitely think I've done enough for tonight.

December 12
Watched tonight's Christmas episodes of "American Housewife" (with guest star Patrick Duffy), and "Modern Familiy", and "Single Parents."

December 13
First I wanted to mention that a couple weeks ago, there was an episode of "Midnight, Texas," which wasn't set at Christmas, but Olivia found that her father had created a fake family for himself using a spell and his memories of their last Christmas together. That was... interesting. I'm sorry I didn't think to mention it here at the time that I watched it. Anyway, today I've been working on my Christmas commercials. First I looked for new copies of old ads that had been deleted since last year. Then I added some of this year's new ads. I also added an old commercial (which I'm assuming is from 2013, just because that's when the video I found on YouTube had been uploaded), which I had forgotten about and so hadn't previously included on my playlist. The reason I discovered it this year is because both that ad and one of this year's ads involved ugly sweaters. Also I made a page for a series of Target ads from last year.

December 14
I watched Tuesday's episode of "Blackish," which was set during Christmas. But I feel like maybe I shouldn't add it to my Christmas episodes page, because it wasn't very Christmasy. The Johnsons have a family tradition of going out to the movies after Christmas dinner, and this year they argued about what to see. The movie that finally won the vote was some superhero thing, but later Dre bought tickets to a historical drama about Rosa Parks instead, which annoyed the rest of his family (except, to some degree, Pops). In the end, they started a new tradition of watching an older "black" movie at home the day after Christmas. It was a decent episode, but like I said... not really Christmasy. (Still, it's possible someday in the future I'll decide to add it to that page, after all. Especially if either of these traditions are mentioned in a future Christmas episode.)

December 15
The Christmas season began on Cookie Clicker.

December 16
I watched a clip from "The Daily Show" on YouTube, called Thanks, Santa - A Cold Dose of Reality for the Holidays. It was pretty funny.

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