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Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (PG)
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This is set in the world of Batman: The Animated Series. I think some of the voices were different, but some of them, including the most important one- Batman- were the same. There's a new vigilante in Gotham, the Batwoman, and the mystery is, of course, who is she? There were three new women in this movie, so it was pretty clear from the start that it would be one of them.

The first suspect is Kathy Duquesne, the daughter of gangster Carlton Duquesne. Carlton is working with Rupert Thorne, a gangster familiar from the TV series, and supervillain the Penguin (who I thought had gone straight, but oh well). The three of them were running advanced weapons to Kasnia (a country we'll see a bit of in Justice League). Kathy can't stand her father's career, especially since her mother was killed because of it. So she's got a motive to want to take down her father. The second suspect is Rocky Ballantine, a metallurgist who works for WayneTech. She has a grudge against the Penguin, who framed her boyfriend for a crime which wrongfully landed him in prison. Another possible suspect is Detective Sonia Alcana, Harvey Bullock's new partner (which made me wonder whatever happened to Renee Montoya). Sonia's parents were killed in a fire caused by Thorne when she was a kid. So, which one of them is Batwoman? I ain't tellin', but you may find the answer surprising. Or then again, you may not. Anyway, Bruce has a few dates with Kathy. The villains also hire Bane to deal with the Batwoman. And there's not much else to say, really.

It was a fairly fun movie, though not among the best in the series. The DVD also includes a cool, jazzy, dialog-free short film called Chase Me.

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