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Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (G)
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Caution: spoilers.

This is the second movie in the Tinker Bell franchise. All the fairies in Pixie Hollow are preparing for the Autumn Revelry, and this year happens to be special, because there'll be a blue harvest moon, which happens in Pixie Hollow once every eight years. There's a blue moonstone, which is to be placed at the top of a scepter, which will catch the blue moonlight, and create blue pixie dust, which is much more rare and powerful than regular pixie dust, and very important for, like, reenergizing the pixie dust tree, or whatever. Anyway, each time there's a blue moon, a different group of talent fairies is selected to create a new scepter, and this year it's the tinker fairies' turn. Fairy Mary selects Tinker Bell to design the scepter, which is a great honor, of course. Tink gets some help from Terence, who is her best friend. (It seems like Terence's friends at the dust depot where he works think there may be more than friendship between the two. They could be right, though Tink and Terence don't seem to think of themselves as more than friends.) Anyway, Terence's constant presence while they're working together on the scepter starts to get on Tink's nerves, and... eventually, the scepter ends up getting broken, for which Tink blames Terence. She yells at him, and after he leaves, the moonstone itself ends up getting broken.

Tink goes to Fairy Mary to find out if there's another moonstone that can be used, though she doesn't let her know the first one has been broken. It turns out it's the only one they have, and it had been like 100 years since that one was found. So Tink's upset, though Mary thinks it's just because she's been working too hard. So, she makes Tink stay to watch the Fairy Tale Theater. She's not paying much attention, because she's distracted by more important thoughts. But then the story that's being told, about pirates who had once captured a fairy and forced her to lead them to a mirror that granted three wishes, catches Tink's attention. Apparently, the pirates had used up two wishes, but after that the mirror was lost, with one wish left. So Tink sets out to find the lost treasure, after making a balloon to fly to the island where it was supposedly lost (and after having another fight with Terence, in which they apparently ended their friendship).

Along the way, Tink meets a (non-talking) firefly named Blaze, who turns out to be helpful in her quest. But there are various dangers to be faced, and meanwhile, both Tink and Terence are upset about having lost their friendship. (This might be considered the real 'lost treasure' of the title, rather than the mirror.) I don't really want to say much more about the plot, though of course Tink eventually finds the mirror... but her problems don't end there (the reason for which being simultaneously heartbreaking, frustrating and amusing, though I predicted it just before it happened). Of course, she also eventually makes up with Terence, and everything does turn out well in the end. I mean, ridiculously well, actually... I love the plan they came up with to solve the moonstone problem, but I must say, they were really lucky it worked (although it actually made sense, based on something Terence had said before they even started working on the scepter in the first place). But, I've said too much....

Anyway, I liked this movie rather better than the first one. The animation and music were great, the story was great, and it was at various points quite hilarious, I felt, as well as having some serious emotional drama, and interesting twists. I was a bit disappointed that Tink's other friends were hardly in the movie at all, much less than in the first movie. (This is the first movie where Fawn is voiced by Angela Bartys.) But the focus on Tink and Terence worked pretty well, here. And of course, Tink will always be my favorite, anyway. Oh yeah, I also meant to say I really liked Tink's traveling outfit, which was very much reminiscent of Peter Pan's clothes (and looked super-cute on her). Also, the DVD has some hilarious "bloopers" and sweet deleted scenes, among other decent bonus features. And I guess that's all I can say, but I look forward to watching the third movie....

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