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EuroTrip (R/unrated)
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This came out in 2004, but I didn't see it until 2020. I got the R-rated version, and it's really hard for me to imagine what more could possibly be in the unrated version. Certainly the R version has plenty of nudity and vulgarity, and is problematic in any number of ways. Despite that, I actually found most of it reasonably amusing.

It begins when Scott Thomas and his best friend, Cooper Harris, graduate high school. Immediately thereafter, Scott is dumped by his girlfriend, Fiona (Kristin Kreuk). Then Scott and Cooper go to a graduation party, along with their friends, twin brother and sister Jamie and Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg). The twins are a year behind them in school, I guess. And they're planning on taking a tour of Europe over summer break, while Scott and Cooper both have summer jobs lined up before college. Meanwhile, Scott has a German pen pal named Mieke, with whom he's been exchanging e-mails for help with his German language class. After the party, he drunkenly reads and e-mail from Mieke about coming to America to hook up or whatever, and Scott replies that he never wants to talk to Mieke again. The next day, Scott's younger brother reads Scott's e-mail and points out that Mieke is a girl's name, while Scott had always believed Mieke was a guy. (He has a picture of Mieke with a guy named Jan, whom he had assumed was the girl in the picture.) So now he wants to apologize to Mieke, but she's already blocked his e-mail address. And Cooper convinces him that they should blow off their jobs and go to Berlin to find her.

The only flight they can get right away takes them to London, where they meet and befriend a group of "soccer hooligans" (led by a guy played by Vinnie Jones), with whom they end up traveling to Paris. Scott and Cooper then leave the hooligans to meet up with the Jenny and Jamie, with whom they begin traveling through Europe to eventually reach Berlin. And they have a bunch of redonkulous misadventures along the way.

That's pretty much all I want to say about the plot, but there are some familiar actors with minor roles, including Jeffrey Tambor as Scott's father, Lucy Lawless as a dominatrix, Diedrich Bader as a mugger, Matt Damon as a rock singer named Donny (with whom Fiona had been cheating on Scott), Joanna Lumley as a hostel clerk (who as far as I recall, only appeared in scenes during the closing credits, though I could be wrong). And probably there were plenty of other people I'm not familiar with. But anyway, it's a fairly fun movie. Not the kind of thing I'm usually into, but I liked it at least a little bit more than I expected to.

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