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The LEGO Batman Movie (PG)
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This is a spin-off of The Lego Movie. It came out in 2017, but I didn't see it until 2020. And it was definitely pretty funny.

It starts with a major assault on Gotham City by pretty much every villain you've ever heard of, and a few you probably haven't, all led by the Joker (Zach Galifianakis). Batman manages to thwart Joker's plans, but the Joker gets away... after Batman tells him he means nothing to him. Joker is pretty upset, because he thinks of himself as Batman's archenemy. But he soon comes up with a new plan for revenge. Meanwhile, Commissioner Jim Gordon (Hector Elizondo) retires, and his daughter Barbara (Rosario Dawson) becomes the new police commissioner of Gotham. Batman is clearly very attracted to her, but gets upset when she says she wants him to work together with the police, instead of as an independent vigilante. And the major theme of the movie is that Batman works alone, and doesn't feel like he needs anyone nor cares about anyone but himself. However, he unwittingly adopts orphan Dick Grayson (Michael Cera), who ends up becoming his sidekick, Robin. When Joker turns himself (and all the other villains) in to the police, Batman isn't needed anymore. But he decides he needs to steal Superman's Phantom Zone projector, to send Joker to the Phantom Zone... which is all part of Joker's plan. In the PZ, Joker recruits all the supervillains there (and there are some very cool ones, but I don't want to spoil who or what any of them are). He tells him he can free them from the PZ in exchange for their help destroying Gotham. When that happens, Batman has to learn to rely on help from others, including Robin, Barbara (aka Batgirl), and Alfred Pennyworth (Ralph Fiennes). So there's ultimately a heartwarming conclusion to the movie, as Batman becomes a better person.

Well, I've left out a ton of details, but I think that's the important stuff. It's all pretty fun.

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