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Wonder Park (PG)
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The movie didn't do great financially; worldwide box office more than made back the cost, but not by enough to consider it "successful", apparently. It did even worse critically, but personally I liked it. I mean, it's far from being one of my favorite animated movies, but it was alright.

So, there's this young girl named June Bailey, who has a vivid imagination, and together with her mother (Jennifer Garner), she creates a splendiferous imaginary amusement park called Wonderland, which is run by a group of talking animals. However, June's mother is sick (the illness is never specified, but I'd guess cancer), and one day she has to go away to be seen by special doctors, and it's unknown how long she'll be away. June is despondent, and stops caring about Wonderland. Eventually, her father (Matthew Broderick) sends her away to math camp, but because she's paranoid bout his health and general ability to take care of himself, she escapes from the bus before ever arriving at camp, with some help from her friend Banky (who has a major crush on her). She intends to walk home to take care of her father, but gets distracted by a fragment of her blueprints for Wonderland, which she'd burned earlier. When the fragment floats by, she starts chasing it, and eventually winds up in a real live Wonderland. There she meets the animals she had imagined, including a boar named Greta (Mila Kunis), a porcupine named Steve (John Oliver), a bear named Boomer, a pair of beavers named Gus (Kenan Thompson) and Cooper (Ken Jeong), and a chimpanzee named Peanut. Unfortunately, a swirling cloud called the Darkness has started destroying Wonderland (aided by an army of chimpanzombies), so June and her new friends have to try to fix it and dispel the Darkness. That takes quite awhile to accomplish, after a lot of harrowing action. Of course the park is eventually restored to normal, and June returns home, and that's all I want to say about the plot.

Anyway, I liked the characters and thought it was a fairly decent story, and I felt real sympathy for June. But it's not something I probably ever need to watch again.

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