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Avengers: Endgame (PG-13)
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Well, this is it. The penultimate movie of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the end of the Infinity Saga. I don't want to spoil any major details of what happens in this movie, so it will be a short review.

In 2018, the surviving Avengers, along with Rocket and Nebula, head into space to find Thanos and try to get the Infinity Stones from him, so they can snap everyone he had snapped out of existence, back into existence. Unfortunately, he had already destroyed the stones. So, we flash forward five years to 2023. (Note: When I first watched this movie I thought it started in 2019 and flashed forward to 2024, but I was apparently off by one year on both counts.) Ant-Man returns from the quantum realm, though it's only been five hours for him, because time works differently there. He reunites with the Avengers and theorizes that the quantum realm could be used to time travel into the past to get the stones before Thanos got them. But after using them, they'd have to return the stones to the times from which they took them, to avoid any temporal paradoxes, or whatever. Anyway, a big part of the movie is the effort to obtain the stones. But even after they do, there's another huge, epic battle that needs to be fought... but I won't spoil why that is. But it involves pretty much all the heroes we've ever seen up til this point.

What else can I say? There's a fair amount of humor, and lots of personal drama. Lots of good stuff happens and some really sad stuff happens. And it's all great. And while I'm glad there will be a Phase Four, it will surely be very different from the first three phases, in several important ways. Oh, also there's no post-credits scene in the movie.

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