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Girl with a Pearl Earring (PG-13)
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This is one of those movies that I watched on DVD (or TV, I forget which... probably TV), thought was okay, but just didn't feel any motivation to bother writing a review (or did write one but later deleted it, I forget which). Then some time later, I vaguely regretted that. I probably would have rated it higher than "meh" when I watched it, but not much higher. And now I don't remember it clearly and don't care about it. But I still felt like I should mention it, here. I won't say much of anything about the plot, but hey, at least there are some links, so you can check out other sites, if you want.

So... the main reason I wanted to see this is Scarlett Johansson. The movie is based on a book which was inspired by a famous painting by Johannes Vermeer (played here by Colin Firth). Johansson plays a girl named Griet, who goes to work for him as a maid, and becomes the model for the painting. Vermeer gives her one of his wife's earrings to wear while she poses. His wife becomes ridiculously jealous. Griet is totally uncomfortable with the whole situation. I don't remember anything more specific than that, but I'm pretty sure I thought everyone was absolutely crazy to feel whatever they each felt, but it probably couldn't be helped, because of the nature of the society in which they lived (the Dutch Republic, 1665). Anyway, it probably wasn't a bad movie (certainly it's well-made, with good acting), and even if I don't remember it clearly, I'm glad to have seen it, I guess. At the very least, it means I don't have to worry about whether it's something I might like to see.

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