A Walk on the Moon (R)
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Welp, this was on TV, so I watched it, though somewhat intermittently. I mostly paid attention, though. Um... there's this woman named Pearl Kantrowitz (Diane Lane), who's married to a guy named Marty, who fixes TVs. It's set in 1969, and for awhile everyone's excited about the moon landing (hence the title). Anyway, Pearl and Marty have a 14-year-old daughter named Alison (Anna Paquin), and a younger son named Danny, and Marty's mom also lives with them. I guess... Marty's a decent guy, and Pearl loves him, but his work keeps him away from home a lot. And they both have some regrets about the way their lives have turned out. And Pearl falls for a traveling blouse salesman named Walker Jerome, and eventually they start a relationship.

Meanwhile, Alison starts dating. And at one point she sees her mom at a concert with Walker. Maybe it was Woodstock, I wasn't really clear on that. But of course, this greatly upsets Alison. And later Marty finds out about the affair, and of course it greatly upsets him, too. And Pearl feels really bad about it, and confused, and stuff. She isn't sure what she wants to do. You know, Marty's a good guy, and so is Walker, who also represents freedom, and a more exciting, different kind of life I guess. I dunno. I don't want to say how things end up, anyway. But it's a decent little movie. Not something I feel the need to see again, but objectively I imagine it deserves to be rated higher than "meh".

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