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The Two Faces of January (PG-13)
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So... this came out in 2014. I remember reading about it in, like, TV Guide or something, when it was being released on VOD, but I wouldn't have had a chance to see it then. (I kind of thought of it as a TV movie, but really it's not.) Then I saw a used DVD in 2017, and it was cheap, so I decided to get it. But I mean, I find it really hard to believe it came out three years ago. (Or maybe two and a half.) I feel like I must have only heard of it more recently than that. Hell, I was thinking almost certainly 2016, but I would have allowed a slim chance it was 2015. But 2014? I dunno, man. Oh well, I suppose it's not important. Also I should say... I'm putting my review in the "period" section, because it's set in 1962. But honestly, aside from a few minor visual touches, I felt like it easily could have been set almost any time in the latter half of the 20th century, or maybe even the present. I usually don't like to put a review under "period" unless I have a strong sense of the era a movie is set in, and I just didn't with this one. But I'm not sure where else to put it. It's called a thriller, but I don't want to put it under "scary movies." It feels vaguely noir-ish, but not really. I guess I could call it a drama. But whatever.

Anyway, it starts out in Athens, Greece. There's an American named Rydal (played by Oscar Isaac, whom I sort of know from The Force Awakens, which came out after this movie, but which I saw before this, but I didn't recognize him, anyway), who's been living in Greece for awhile, like a year I guess. He's a tour guide, and he meets an American couple, Chester MacFarland (Viggo Mortensen) and his wife Colette (Kirsten Dunst). They hadn't been part of his tour group, but later he ends up giving them a tour of a flea market, or whatever. And then he joins them for dinner, along with his girlfriend, Lauren. At the end of the night, after dropping Chester and Colette at their hotel, Rydal discovers a bracelet in the cab, which Colette had bought earlier at the flea market. So he goes to return it to her... and unfortunately, that's the last we see of Lauren, because Rydal gets caught up in some trouble with Chester and Colette.

Shortly before Rydal returns to their hotel, a private investigator shows up looking for Chester, working on behalf of some people he had swindled money from. The two of them fight, and the P.I. ends up dead. Rydal walks in on Chester dragging the body back to the hotel room where the P.I. had been staying. Chester claims he was just drunk, and would be fine. But soon at least part of the truth comes out, and Rydal helps Chester and Colette get away. They need to get new passports, and while waiting for a friend of Rydal's to make them, the three of them stay on Crete. But before long, Rydal hears the news that the P.I. is dead and the police are looking for his killer, and... things get more complicated.

Well, various other problems occur, but I don't want to spoil any more. I'll just say it was a decent movie, but not something I feel the need to see again. (Though I expect I would have rated it slightly higher, if I were more of a fan of this kind of movie.)

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