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Silver Bullet (R)
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Based on a Stephen King novelette called "Cycle of the Werewolf," which I haven't read. This came out in 1985, but it's set in 1976. I first saw it on TV probably sometime in the 1990s, but I couldn't be more specific than that. I'm writing this review after watching it on DVD in 2015.

The movie is narrated from some point in the future by Jane Coslaw, as an adult. But in the movie's present, Jane (Megan Follows) is about 15. (The second time I watched it, I thought it was kind of remarkable that the actress providing her voice as narrator sounds kind of close to how Follows sounds as an adult.) Anyway, Jane's brother Marty (Corey Haim) is in a wheelchair, which is nicknamed the Silver Bullet. During the year when the story is set, there are several killings in the town where Jane and Marty live, and viewers know sooner than any characters do that the killings are by a werewolf. Sheriff Haller (Terry O'Quinn) does his best to find the killer, but there's another guy in town who has a grudge against the sheriff, and tries to rally all the townsfolk to hunt down the killer, themselves. Meanwhile, Jane and Marty's uncle Red (Gary Busey) stays with their family for awhile. He builds Marty a new souped up wheelchair that's basically a three-wheeled motorcycle, which is also called Silver Bullet. Of course, ultimately a literal silver bullet will come into play. And Marty, Jane, and Red will be the ones who have to deal with the werewolf. But... I don't really want to say any more about the plot.

The movie's okay, though I'm not sure whether it's actually good. I certainly don't think it's bad, but... probably the main reason I like it is because I've always been a fan of Megan Follows.

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