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Slender Man (PG-13)
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I've never been more than passingly aware of Slender Man as a creepypasta legend or whatever. (Hell, I'm not more than passingly familiar with the whole concept of creepypastas, the urban legends of the internet.) But he is a character I wanted to know more about, so despite this movie getting bad reviews, I wanted to check it out. And I can definitely say I don't know any more about him after watching it than I did before.

Anyway, four teenage girls, Wren (Joey King), Hallie, Chloe, and Katie all watch an online video about Slender Man. A week after that, Katie disappears. The three remaining friends try to contact Slender Man to get Katie back, but that does not go well. Soon thereafter, Chloe stops showing up to school or responding to her friends' texts, and while she's not missing, something very weird has definitely happened to her. Wren becomes increasingly obsessed with learning more about Slender Man, because she's afraid that she and Hallie will be taken next. And they both seem to be going kind of crazy, or whatever. And Slender Man does seem to be stalking them. Eventually something happens to Hallie's little sister, Lizzie, who ends up in the hospital. And... I dunno what else to say. It's just a weird movie that doesn't really do justice to the title character's mythos. But at least it is kind of creepy.

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