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Star Trek Generations (PG)
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It has everything you could ask for. Two crews coming together, bridging the gap between two series, two eras. Malcolm McDowell playing a villain. Guinan doing her whole Guinan thing. Lursa and B'Etor adding their own unique brand of magnificence to the screen. Alan Ruck playing starship captain John Harriman. Hikaru Sulu's daughter, Ensign Demora Sulu. Tim Russ as a human crewman on the Enterprise-B, who would be the subject of fan controversy concerning whether or not he was actually Star Trek: Voyager's Vulcan Tuvok (who had served on the Excelsior some time before the events of this movie). Even confusion over whether or not the title should have a colon! With all this going for it, how could it be anything other than the coolest Star Trek movie ever?

Could it be... the curse of the odd numbers?

No, it's probably something else. After all, from now on no one will even be able to easily keep track of numbers, since the movie titles no longer include them. But whatever the problem was, I'll have to figure it out later. Review to come.

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