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Chase Me (6:23)
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This came out in 2003, as a bonus feature on the DVD of Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. (It's set in the world of Batman: The Animated Series, in "The New Batman Adventures" era.) Bruce Wayne is having what, for him, amounts to a dull night: he's at a fancy party where lots of lovely ladies are vying for his attention. This is interrupted when he stumbles upon Catwoman emptying a safe, and he leaves the party to chase her as Batman, injecting a little fun into his evening.

The film contains no dialogue, just some very pleasant jazz music. The visuals are great, and even without words the story is amazingly clever and fun. I don't recall exactly when I first watched this (I can't imagine I got the DVD sooner than a year or two after it came out, and it could have been later than that), but I watched it again in 2014, in order to write a review (and I'm fairly sure the time between my first and second viewings was considerably greater than the time between the DVD's release and my first viewing). I had actually kind of forgotten that the short existed, until I saw it mentioned on a website, so I wanted to refresh my memory. And now it's hard to believe I'd forgotten it, because I think it's absolutely brilliant. (I'll probably forget about it again, though.) It's not something that would really work as anything other than a short film, and there are surely full-length films (with dialogue and more complex plots) that on some level I enjoy more than this, even if I give them a lower rating than I did this. But I had to rate this higher, just because it works so perfectly, for what it is.

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