tek's rating: ½

The Boy in the Bubble (8:15)
Igloo Films; IMDb; Kealan O'Rourke; Vimeo; YouTube

This came out in 2011, but I first saw it in 2018, when YouTube recommended it to me. It's narrated (in rhyme) by Alan Rickman. Some might say the animation is Burton-esque, and I can certainly see that, but it actually reminded me a bit more of Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart.

It's about a ten-year-old boy named Rupert, a loner who is into monster stories, and gets bullied at school. Then one day he falls in love with the new girl in class. Things go well very briefly, before she breaks his heart. After that, he casts a spell that creates a bubble around himself, which prevents him from connecting with the outside world or feeling anything, either good or bad. There is eventually a happy ending, but I must say, this was a pretty good metaphor for how one can feel when their heart has been broken.

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