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Boundin' (theatrical; 4:42)
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This played in theaters before The Incredibles (to which the short is not related), and I actually saw it in a theater at the time. It's available on at least one Incredibles DVD edition, as well as the Pixar Short Films Collection, volume 1. I didn't remember it well at all from the time I saw it in a theater, I just remembered not being particularly impressed by it. But I liked it a bit more when I watched it on DVD, years later. I still don't like it a lot, but it's definitely better than I remembered.

The story is narrated in verse, about a lamb that was very proud of its fleece, and liked to dance and preen. Then one day he gets sheared, and is distraught. Until he meets a jackalope, who teaches him to... just enjoy bounding, I guess. That's pretty much all there is to it. I liked the narration and... I guess the story was okay.

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