DC Showcase

A series of short films which are available as bonus features on certain movies in the DC Animated Universe. The ones I haven't seen yet include "Jonah Hex", "Superman/Shazam!", and "Catwoman."

Green Arrow (11:13)
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This is on the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse DVD. Oliver Queen is heading to the airport to meet Dinah Lance, planning to propose. However, he's forced to go into Green Arrow mode to protect a young princess named Perdita, who has recently become queen of Vlatava, and is now being targeted for assassination by her uncle. It was a reasonably good story, even if I wasn't really familiar with the villains.

The Spectre (11:50)
IMDb; TV Tropes; Wikipedia; World's Finest

This is on the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD. It's kinda awesome, mainly because it has the look, sound, and feel of a 70s cop flick. It features a loose cannon cop in L.A. named Jim Corrigan, who kinda reminded me here of Dirty Harry (though I'm not really familiar with those movies). A movie exec is murdered, and Corrigan does an investigation, even though it's not his case. He had been called by an old flame named Aimee, the daughter of the victim. Meanwhile, the two suspects in the murder are confronted by the Spectre, a character with whom my familiarity is minimal. But he's not your standard hero; he's all about vengeance, though he calls it justice. What he really does is act as judge and executioner (and the short film is surprisingly violent). I can't really get behind what the Spectre does... and there isn't much dramatic tension about it, because his supernatural powers preclude any possibility of those he judges beating him or even escaping. Also there's a sort of twist ending, which I predicted from the very beginning. Still... the whole thing really was pretty cool.

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