tek's rating: ¾

Graveyard Jamboree (stop-motion; 4:11)
IMDb; Screen Novelties; YouTube

So, this was made in 1998, but I first saw it sometime in the early 2000s, on Exposure. It uses a 1930 song performed by Harry Reser, about a character called Mysterious Mose, who first appeared in a 1930 cartoon (see below). In this version, Mose is a puppet who wanders around scaring people and in the end, conducts an impromptu concert in a graveyard. The film is at once spooky, amusing, kitschy, and retro-cool.

tek's rating: ¼

Mysterious Mose (5:48)
Betty Boop Wiki; IMDb; Wikipedia; YouTube

A 1930 black & white cartoon featuring an anthropomorphic poodle who would, over next couple of years, appear in various shorts where she eventually became a fully human character, Betty Boop. In this film, Betty is awakened late at night during a storm, when she hears various spooky noises. She becomes so frightened that her negligee jumps off of her a couple of times (though we don't see anything too risqué, since she's under covers). But eventually she gets out of bed, starts looking around the house, and singing "That's Mysterious Mose." Eventually a shadowy figure enters her house and becomes Mose (portrayed here by a doglike character named Bimbo, who appears in various other shorts from this era; in spite of being a lot less anthropomorphic than Betty, I guess they're usually a couple). Mose starts singing the song, about himself, and doing very surreal things. But then some other creatures appear and do even surrealer things, and they take up the singing and instrument-playing. And I don't really know what else to say. This is something I looked up online several years after I first saw Graveyard Jamboree, which I liked a lot more than I liked this. But I guess this was okay, though I'm sure I'd like Betty's later cartoons, when she's fully human, more than this.

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