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Vincent (6:25)
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This was made in 1982, but I first saw it probably around 2000 or so, on Exposure. I'm writing this review upon watching it again in 2012, as a bonus feature on the DVD of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Anyway, it's Tim Burton's directorial debut, I guess, based on a poem he'd written. In the film, the poem is recited by Vincent Price, which is a very apt bit of casting, considering it's about a 7-year-old boy named Vincent Malloy, who wants to be just like Vincent Price.

The stop-motion animation is easily recognizable as Burton's style. Definitely creepy and cool, as is the story itself. Vincent is basically a nice kid, but he has a dark imagination. And... well, I'm not sure what else to say. The story is kind of amusing, but simultaneously disturbing. I think probably we're meant to believe his mother is right when she tells him he's not insane, but I have my doubts. I can't help worrying about the kid, feeling bad for him. Maybe in the end his imagination is harmless, but maybe he could actually do with some psychological help. It's definitely a downer ending, but honestly, I can't be sure if he'll be fine after the story ends or not. Either way... it's interesting to watch.

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