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Takei, George
Of course I mainly know him from
Star Trek, but there were also several episodes of Heroes; a few eps of The Neighbors; an ep of Fresh off the Boat; as well as guest appearances as himself in various things. And he posts lots of cool memes on facebook. And he's done a bunch of voice work.

Tambor, Jeffrey
I know him from
The Larry Sanders Show; and Max Headroom; and the Hellboy movies; and Arrested Development; and How the Grinch Stole Christmas; and the very short-lived sitcom Bent; and an episode of Psych; and some voice work. Thornton, Billy Bob
First thing I remember him from is
Hearts Afire, though I may have seen him in stuff before that. I also know him from Bad Santa, and The Ice Harvest. And he voiced Jigo in Princess Mononoke. Tolkan, James
Of course, there were the
Back to the Future movies. Also, The Hat Squad, which I wish I remembered better than I do. And Little Spies. And Top Gun. And probably some other stuff... Torrence, Nate
I know him from
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and Mr. Sunshine, and Weird Loners, and an episode of Supernatural, and maybe some things I've forgotten. Travolta, John
I know him from
Carrie, and Grease, and Welcome Back, Kotter, and a couple of Look Who's Talking movies, and Pulp Fiction, and Hairspray, and he voiced the title character in Bolt. Troyer, Verne
Best known as Mini-Me in a couple of Austin Powers movies, though he's had better roles. There was a recurring part on Jack of All Trades, and a TV movie called Karroll's Christmas, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Tudyk, Alan
I know him best from
Firefly and its spin-off movie Serenity. But there's also A Knight's Tale; an episode of Arrested Development; a few eps of Dollhouse; V (the reimagined series); Suburgatory; and a small role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; and Powerless. And some voice work. Valley, Mark
He was good in Keen Eddie. Didn't much care for the way he was used in Boston Legal, but he had his moments. He was decent in Human Target. And there was Crisis. I may have seen some other stuff I don't really remember. Though there was at least one episode of Fringe, but I stopped watching that too early to see much of his work in it. Ventimiglia, Milo
I know him from
Gilmore Girls, and Heroes, and American Dreams, and Cursed, and a recurring role on Gotham, and The Whispers. Verica, Tom
No doubt I saw him in various things before this, but the first thing I really remember him from is the TV series State of Grace. And no doubt I've seen him in various things since then, but the main one I remember is American Dreams. And there were a couple eps of The 4400. Walken, Christopher
Let's see. There's
The Dead Zone, Batman Returns, Pulp Fiction, Sleepy Hollow, Man on Fire, Hairspray, Peter Pan Live!, and I feel like I should've seen him in other stuff. Um, he guest hosted Saturday Night Live a few times maybe. And there was the music video for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice." And an ad for Kia Optima. And... you know, there's just the sort of general concept of "Christopher Walken"... I mean, in some ways he's not so much a person as an idea, you know what I mean? Whatever.... Warner, David
I know him from
Time Bandits; and Tron; and Star Trek VI; and A Christmas Carol; and Titanic; and Wing Commander; and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II; and some voice work. I've probably seen him in some other stuff... though I think I sometimes confuse him with Alan Rickman... Watanabe, Ken
I know him from a relatively minor role in
Batman Begins; and from The Last Samurai; and Memoirs of a Geisha; and Inception; and Cirque du Freak. Weaving, Hugo
There's the Matrix trilogy, the
Lord of the Rings trilogy, V for Vendetta, Captain America: The First Avenger, he voiced Megatron in the Transformers movies, and a couple of voices in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. And I've probably seen him in some other stuff. Weber, Steven
Best known to me for
Wings, but there's also Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the miniseries The Shining, the short-lived series The D.A., the TV movie Reefer Madness, an episode of Monk, the TV movie Grow Up, Timmy Turner!, a few eps of Falling Skies, an episode of Sleepy Hollow (as Thomas Jefferson's hologram), a couple eps of iZombie, and probably some other things... Weiss, Michael T.
Know him best from The Pretender. But there's also some voice work. West, Adam
I know him from
Batman; and Danger Theatre; and Monster Island; and an episode of Powerless; and probably numerous guest appearances as himself on various shows; and some voice work. Whitford, Bradley
I know him from
Adventures in Babysitting; and Bicentennial Man; and Little Manhattan; and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip; and The Good Guys; and The Cabin in the Woods; an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; and Get Out; and I watched at least one ep of Trophy Wife. Wilder, Gene
I know him from
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory; and Young Frankenstein; and Blazing Saddles. And I think that's about it, but I should probably see more of his work. Willis, Bruce
There were the Die Hard movies; and Moonlighting; and
The Bonfire of the Vanities; and Hudson Hawk; and Pulp Fiction; and 12 Monkeys; and The Fifth Element; and The Sixth Sense; and Unbreakable; and Sin City; and Grindhouse; and Moonrise Kingdom; and RED; and small roles in Nancy Drew; and The Expendables; and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle; and voice work in the Look Who's Talking movies; and... maybe some other stuff. Wise, Ray
I know him from
The Journey of Natty Gann, and Reaper, and a couple eps of Psych, an episode of Dollhouse, an episode of Castle, several eps of How I Met Your Mother, an episode of Deadbeat, Good Night, and Good Luck, a small role in X-Men: First Class, a recurring role on Fresh off the Boat, season two of Agent Carter, and Jeepers Creepers II, and I've probably seen him in some other stuff... Wood, Elijah
He had a very small role in
Back to the Future Part II. And I probably saw Radio Flyer at some point, but I don't remember anything about it. Same with The Ice Storm. Of course I know him best from the Lord of the Rings movies. There was also Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Everything Is Illuminated, and I saw maybe the first couple episodes of Wilfred. He also did voice work in 9, and Tome of the Unknown/Over the Garden Wall. And I've probably seen him in other things that I've forgotten. Woodburn, Danny
I know him from
Special Unit 2; and a recurring role on Seinfeld; and Watchmen (+ Under the Hood); and Mirror Mirror; and I'm sure I've seen him guest on various shows and in some commercials and stuff... Woodward, Edward
Mainly know him from The Equalizer, which was really cool. And there was A Christmas Carol, and Over My Dead Body, and an episode of Crusade. Wright, Max
Mainly know him from ALF. There's also A Midsummer Night's Dream, and I'm certain I've seen him in other stuff I don't really recall. Wynn, Ed
I know him from
Mary Poppins; and Babes in Toyland; and The Gnome-Mobile; and a couple eps of The Twilight Zone; and he voiced the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. And he's done other stuff I should see someday.
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