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Meester, Leighton
I know her from
Making History; and Single Parents; and an episode of The Orville (and The Orville: New Horizons); and a few eps of How I Met Your Father; and surely I've seen her in some other roles that I've forgotten.

Messing, Debra
I didn't see too much of Will & Grace, but I know her from
Ned & Stacey; and Prey; and Along Came Polly; and Dirty Dancing (2017); and a small role in The Mothman Prophecies. Metcalf, Laurie
I know her from
Roseanne; and Uncle Buck; and Scream 2; and a recurring role on The Big Bang Theory; and some voice work; and probably things I've forgotten. Meyrink, Michelle
I adored her in
Real Genius, so it'd be really great to see her in some other stuff. (But Valley Girl doesn't count.) Michalka, Alyson
I know her from
Phil of the Future; and Now You See It...; and Bandslam; and iZombie. Also I'd like to buy her CD sometime. Milano, Alyssa
I know her from
Who's the Boss?; and an episode of Castle. And she voiced Aimee in DC Showcase: The Spectre. And I'd like to see more of her work. (I also feel compelled to mention that once when I was a kid, I ordered a poster of her that never came, dammit.) Mills, Hayley
I know her from
Pollyanna; and The Parent Trap; and In Search of the Castaways; and Summer Magic; and The Moon-Spinners; and That Darn Cat!; and I must have seen at least a bit of Good Morning, Miss Bliss. Miner, Rachel
I must have first seen her on
Guiding Light (and as far as I'm concerned, hers is the only real Michelle Bauer). There's also several eps of Supernatural; an ep of Fear Itself; maybe some other stuff. Anyway, I'd like to see more of her work... Mirren, Helen
There's Prime Suspect, though I haven't seen much of it. I also know her from
Inkheart; and Teaching Mrs. Tingle; and RED; and the Funny or Die short When Harry Met Sally 2; and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms; and some voice work. And a cool anti-drinking & driving commercial from Budweiser. And I'm sure she's done lots of other things I'd like to see. Mistysyn, Stacie
I always quite liked her in Degrassi (both Junior High and High, I guess). And in the TV movie X-Rated. I don't think I've seen her in anything else, which is a shame... Mitchell, Elizabeth
I know her from
Lost; and V (the reimagined series); and Revolution; and Once Upon a Time; and an episode of Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street; and The Santa Clause 2. Moner, Isabela (aka Isabela Merced)
I saw the TV movie pilot for the series 100 Things to Do Before High School, and I hope someday to see the actual series. I also know her from
Instant Family; and Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Montgomery, Elizabeth
She was great on Bewitched, but that's all I know her from. I suppose I should see some of her other work sometime. Moore, Demi
I know her from Ghost, and Indecent Proposal, and
Bunraku, and Now and Then, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, and voice work in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Moore, Julianne
I know her from
The Lost World: Jurassic Park; and The Big Lebowski; and several episodes of 30 Rock; and Carrie. And I'm sure I'd like to see more of her work. Morales, Natalie
I know her from
The Middleman; and a couple episodes of Powerless; and an ep of Imaginary Mary; and an ep of Making History; and an ep of Alex, Inc.; and an ep of Sunnyside Morrison, Jennifer
I know her from
House; and Once Upon a Time; and How I Met Your Mother; and Urban Legends: Final Cut. And probably other stuff. Moss, Carrie-Anne
I know her from the
Matrix franchise; and Memento; and Jessica Jones; and an episode of The Acolyte; and maybe things I've forgotten. Mulligan, Carey
I know her from
An Education; and an episode of Doctor Who ("Blink"); and... I hope to see more of her work. Murphy, Brittany
I know her from
Almost Home; and Clueless; and Girl, Interrupted; and Uptown Girls; and The Ramen Girl; and Sin City; and Don't Say a Word. Also she voiced Luanne on King of the Hill. Murray, Jaime
I know her from
Warehouse 13; and Defiance; and an episode of Sleepy Hollow; and several eps of Once Upon a Time; and a couple eps of Midnight, Texas; and season 5 of Gotham. Myles, Sophia
I know her from
Underworld; and Thunderbirds; and Tristan & Isolde; and Art School Confidential; and Dracula (TV movie); and an ep of Doctor Who (The Girl in the Fireplace). Myrin, Arden
I know her from
Working; and a couple eps of Psych; a few eps of Suburgatory; an episode of Key & Peele; a couple eps of Fresh off the Boat; and Daphne & Velma. I may have seen a bit of her work on Mad TV.
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