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When I started this page, I moved a few links here that I previously had on my organizations & causes links page. I started this page because I wanted a place to list not just organizations that are about gun control or gun safety or gun information or whatever, but also articles on the subject. And... whatever other gun-related things I might feel like adding, when I come across new things that interest me. I want to say that I am essentially pro-Second Amendment, and I believe in citizens' right to own guns (even though I have no interest in owning one, myself). But while there are plenty of perfectly responsible gun owners, there are obviously a lot of people who believe themselves to be responsible, but who actually aren't. And it's way too easy for people with criminal intent to purchase guns. I believe in thorough background checks. I believe in waiting periods. I believe in training people to handle guns responsibly, when using them, when cleaning them, when storing them. I believe no civilian has any need for assault rifles or automatic weapons (and probably not semi-automatic). I believe that anyone who is known to be dangerous (such as people who have committed domestic abuse) should not be allowed to own guns. I don't claim to know what laws should be enacted, exactly, because it's a complex issue. But it's very clear that something needs to be done to curtail gun violence.

websites / organizations
Armed With Reason
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Everytown for Gun Safety 5-15-18
Gun Violence Archive
National Gun Victims Action Council
March for Our Lives 5-15-18
Sandy Hook Promise

articles / miscellany
Bang Bang Sanity
Guns Explained with Cats (video) 5-15-18
Here’s the difference between a ‘good guy with a gun’ and a mass shooter (w/comic) 5-15-18
How Often Do People Use Guns In Self-Defense? 5-15-18
What America is getting wrong about three important words in the Second Amendment
What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer

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