Social Justice Memes
(see also Memes I Made and Memes I Didn't Make)

So, here are some of the memes I've made concerning social justice, as well as some of my favorites that were made by other people. They can be about racism, or sexism, or other issues. They can be completely serious, or they can employ humor (satirical or otherwise) to help make a point.

Memes I made

The top of this is a meme I saw on facebook, and I think the intended point of it was a sentiment that I disagree with, so I added some text to the bottom, to fix it by (I assume) turning its original meaning around.

This is something I made to demonstrate the problems of "assimilation" versus multiculturalism (and to reference the fact that "colorblindness" is problematic). I had to search for a picture of the Borg (a group first introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation), though I think the pic I ended up using might actually be of cosplayers. If so, I'm sorry about that, but it was the best Borg pic I could find.

This is a meme I made one day because of a disagreement I was having with my oldest friend. He was upset about my making the meme as a result of our conversation, and said something about how I could just unfriend him. Which I did. That was a really bad day for me. But I stand behind the meme.

Memes I didn't make

This neatly illustrates something I had thought about before I ever saw this meme, which is part of why I immediately liked it when I first saw it.

This is maybe not exactly a meme, but I've used it as such before. And it's maybe not strictly speaking about social justice, but I think it applies to such issues well enough. If everyone just followed the silver and platinum rules all the time, there'd be no need for social justice movements.

my thoughts on racism / my thoughts on sexism