two more of Dave's personalities

toastlad (Dave's manic aspect)
he was originally called toastboy, but in june of 2001 he changed his name to toastlad for technical reasons, as well as for a reason having to do with the movie "Rocket Boy," which he saw many years ago and doesn't remember too well and would like to see again someday.

he is the pure embodiment of shiny, happy insanity. he loves life, he loves people, he loves toast. he loves anything vaguely like toast (bagels, muffins, waffles, donuts, cereal, etc). anyone who tries to keep him from his toast is in big trouble. he cannot be kept from toast, no matter how hard you try. if you do try, you're just setting yourself up for your own personal armageddon. he has a few of his own words. he calls people or things he likes "toasty" which basically means "very good." his word for "friend" is "friendli." he calls lots of people friendlies, anyone from people he's only heard of and vaguely likes, to his closest friends, and anyone in between. he likes to have deep philosophical discussions sometimes, but mostly he likes to be just crazy and childish in his speech and behavior. he sometimes runs around waving toast and chanting the word "toast" or "toastboy" over and over. he also likes to read, watch tv and movies, and listen to music. he lives in toastlad's lair at 5055 Tiki Tack St., Mystery Island, Neopia. in the month of relaxing, in the year 3, he began to explore neopia, and started looking after his own neopets. (Many years later, in the real world, my account was suspended for unknown reasons, but even though I can't play NeoPets anymore, I like to think toastlad and his pets are still there, doing their thing without me.)

nobodyman (Dave's depressive aspect)
his voice is much like that of Eeyore the donkey crossed with Marvin the paranoid android. he's almost always depressed, and enjoys his depression. he considers himself a total nobody, someone completely lacking in significance. he was originally a superhero who would fight for the rights of the downtrodden, the oppressed, the nobodies, the underdogs... but no one ever asked for his help. so, he opened the Black Beret Café (check out its menu). For a while he thought he'd declare himself the emperor of something, but he never quite figured out what.

dave's personalities