American Top 40, syndicated
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This is a weekly countdown of the top forty songs in the country, as determined (originally) by Billboard magazine. (It has changed what source it used a few times over the years, and currently uses Mediabase.) The program began in 1970, hosted by Casey Kasem (who would later host Casey's Top 40). He was replaced in 1988 by Shadoe Stevens, and I don't actually remember whether or not I'd ever heard the program prior to Shadoe's era as host. It's probably right around the time he took over that I first started listening to top 40 radio programs at all, or maybe it wasn't even until a couple years later. (I really hate how lousy my memory is.) The program was cancelled in 1995, but again, I don't remember if I was still listening to it or not, by that point. In 1998, it was revived, with Kasem as the host once again, but I'm pretty sure I never heard any of that era. In 2004, Kasem was replaced by Ryan Seacrest, and I've definitely never heard any of that era.

Well, I always quite liked the program, when Shadoe was hosting it. I can't think of anything specific to say about it, except that for awhile in the early 90s, I was listening to three different top 40 programs every week, and I think this was probably my favorite. (Of the three hosts of the shows, Shadoe, Casey, and Rick Dees, I thought Shadoe was the coolest.) But it's been a long time now since I've listened to any top 40 shows. (Or, really, since I've listened to the radio at all.)

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