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Descendants 2, on Disney Channel
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This is the first sequel to Descendants. It came out in 2017, but I didn't see it until 2021, a couple years after the third movie came out. I didn't care for it quite as much as the first movie, but it was alright.

So, Mal is increasingly worried about an upcoming cotillion, because she fears she doesn't fit in as a "lady of Auradon". Eventually, she decides to return to the Isle of the Lost. King Ben goes after her, accompanied by Evie, Jay, and Carlos, but Mal insists that she doesn't want to return to Auradon. However, Ben gets kidnapped by a group of pirates led by Uma (the daughter of Ursula). The only other pirates we get to know are her first mate, Harry (the son of Captain Hook) and Gil (the son of Gaston). (It really seemed odd to me to have the son of Hook as a villain and not the daughter of Hook, who appeared as a villain in the animated series Wicked World.) Oh, and while on the Isle, Mal reunites with an old friend named Dizzy (the daughter of Drizella), who works in a hair salon. Anyway, Mal and her friends come up with a plan to rescue Ben, but first they have to return to Auradon. When they go back to the Isle, they're joined in their rescue mission by Lonnie, as well as Carlos's dog, Dude (who had accidentally been spelled with the ability to talk). And... I don't want to say too much else about the plot. Except that Carlos has to work up the courage to ask Jane to the cotillion. And Lonnie wants to join the fencing team, which the rule book seems not to allow, but Jay eventually comes up with a neat loophole to that.

Anyway, there are some battles in the movie, and some reasonably fun if kind of forgettable songs, and ultimately a happy ending... but also a cliffhanger of a sort.

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