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Don't Look Under the Bed, on Disney Channel
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This girl named Frances Bacon McCausland is accused of all kinds of pranks and stuff, but actually she's being framed by the Boogeyman. She gets help from her little brother's imaginary friend, Larry Houdini, even though Larry annoys her and she doesn't want to believe in any of this stuff. I don't remember when I first saw this movie; probably not when it first came out in 1999, I would say more likely the early 2000s (before I ever started writing reviews). I watched it again in 2021, on Disney+. So now I remember it better, but there's still not really any more I'd like to say about it, because I want to avoid spoiling anything. But I will say that upon my second viewing, it took awhile for me to start liking it much. In fact I never got to like it a lot, but it definitely got better near the end.

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