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This girl named Lexy Gold (Lindsay Lohan), wrote an article about two of her teachers, Miss Dawson (Amanda Plummer) and Mr. Walker. When it wasn't published in her school newspaper, she sent it instead to a real paper, where it was published. Later, she overheard Mr. Walker break up with Miss Dawson, and the next day, Mr. Walker went missing. When Lexy told a police detective what she'd overheard, he seemed to think Miss Dawson might have had something to do with Mr. Walker's disappearance, though Lexy was sure she was innocent. So, Lexy and a few friends, including the school newspaper's editor, Jack Downey, plus Jennifer (Brenda Song) and Gabe, start doing some sleuthing and uncover some surprising stuff about Mr. Walker's past. And they end up exposing a bad guy and stuff. Anyway, it wasn't great, but I guess it was a sorta fun movie, and I quite liked the title song, by Simon & Milo. It'd probably actually be nice to see the movie again sometime, and write a better review.

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