I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Pixel Perfect, on Disney Channel
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This teenager named Roscoe (played by Ricky Ullman, from Phil of the Future) uses his dad's experimental holographic technology for fun stuff like making a holographic pet cat. But he gets a more ambitious idea when a local club owner won't let his friend Samantha's band, the Zetta Bytes, perform, because Sam can't dance. Which, btw, I find really stupid. Personally I tend to prefer the singing and music. The band was actually pretty good, and the dancing is just an annoying distraction to me. I suppose in some cases choreography can enhance a musical experience, like in a music video or something, but just playing a small club, I'd rather see a band be more casual. All that matters is the music. But I digress.

Roscoe created a holographic lead singer for the band, whom he called Loretta Modern. She got the band a gig at the school dance, then the club, and then a record deal. But Sam was kinda jealous of her, not just for her place in the band, but for Roscoe's feelings toward her. Anyway, the basic concept of the movie isn't all that original, but I thought it was done fairly well. And I liked the unspoken (if somewhat obvious) metaphor of how Roscoe was treating Loretta just the same as his dad treated him, but they both came to change eventually. And it's always nice, if unavoidable, that the guy should finally realize he wants the real girl, in the end. And I liked what happened with Loretta in the end, too. And that's about all I can think to say for now. Hopefully I'll see the movie again, sometime.

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