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Read It and Weep, on Disney Channel
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Well, I suppose I liked this a bit more than I expected to, but it still wasn't that great. Kay Panabaker plays a high school freshman named Jamie Bartlett, who has a few friends, Harmony, Lindsay, and Connor. (Connor obviously likes her, though she's oblivious to this.) She also has a brother named Lenny, who's pretty good at writing music and playing guitar. And parents who run a pizza place; Jamie's dad is always experimenting with weird toppings on pizzas (which kinda reminded me of The Weekenders). Anyway, Jamie has a crush on a guy at school named Marco, who's dating some popular jerk named Sawyer. One day Marco reads a poem in class, and she likes that he wrote it, but it's pretty obvious to anyone watching the movie that Connor actually wrote it.

Meanwhile, Jamie keeps a journal, where she writes about an alter-ego for herself called Is (played by Kay Panabaker's older sister Danielle), who lives in a sort of magical version of high school, and zaps away "evil" people, such as Sawyer. Jamie's journal accidentally gets turned in for, like, a writing contest or whatever, and wins. She's rather mortified by this, and more so when it becomes a national best-selling book (after adding more of her journals). But Jamie soon becomes popular, and Marco dumps Sawyer and asks Jamie out, and everyone starts hanging out at her parents' restaurant. So everything seems good.

But, Jamie starts losing touch with her friends, and Marco turns out not to be as cool as she thought, and when everyone at school finds out characters in the book were based on them, they all start hating her. And Is is bugging Jamie all the time now. Jamie actually looks crazy, always talking to herself and stuff (because she actually sees and hears Is). And Is is like really domineering and stuff. Seriously, I started thinking Jamie should get therapy. And, uh, I dunno, other stuff went wrong with her life, I guess. But eventually there was a happy ending, even if it was predictable. And the movie had some good moments, too, I guess. So, whatever.

I might actually like to see this again sometime, just because Sawyer was played by Allison Scagliotti, whom I got to like a lot, a few years later, on Warehouse 13.

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