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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC, Fridays 9pm
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Season Five
So... Coulson, May, Daisy, Simmons, Mack, and Yo-Yo all find themselves on a space station called the Lighthouse, 74 years in the future. Earth was destroyed by Quake (i.e., Daisy), and most of the human race along with it. Those who remain live on the Lighthouse, and work for the Kree, who are led by a guy named Kasius. Simmons is soon forced to become one of his servants, while the others are forced to start working for a human named Grill. Meanwhile, there's some old prophecy about SHIELD coming from the past to save humanity, or whatever... but not many people still believe in it. There's a human named Deke who could become an ally or an enemy. And a human named Tess (Eve Harlow, whom I know from season 2 of The 100) who does become an ally. And there's a Kree woman named Sinara, who I guess is Kasius's bodyguard. We also learn that Kasius has been breeding Inhumans to sell to the highest bidders. He eventually captures Daisy, whom he believes will fetch a high enough price for him to finally leave this place, as his current position is apparently beneath him. (And there's some family drama that could almost make me feel bad for him, but not really.) Also, Kasius intends to destroy the Lighthouse when he leaves. So our heroes will have to work fast, if they're going to save humanity.

Fitz makes his first appearance of the season at the very end of episode 4, and then episode 5 shows what happened to him after his friends were abducted and sent to the future. He was arrested by the military, who wanted to know where the other members of SHIELD are, which he doesn't know. They're all still blamed for the attempt on Talbot's life, of course. Eventually, Hunter breaks him out of the secret facility where he was being held. They then track down Enoch, the person responsible for sending the others to the future, and he helps Fitz get to the future, as well as setting him up with a fake identity, to bid on Daisy.

And I'll say more as the season progresses.

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