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The Oblongs, on The WB / Adult Swim
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Sick, twisted, insane, and occasionally kinda funny. The main character is Milo Oblong, who lives in the Valley. Everyone there is rather poor, and the whole place seems to be run-down and contaminated, leading to all sorts of physical and sometimes mental abnormalities in the locals. All the rich people live in the Hills. They seem kinda freakish to me, in their own way, but less obviously so than the Valley people. Anyway, the show's okay, I guess, but not great. And most of the voices on this show are familiar from other stuff. Anyway, I don't remember if I ever saw this when it first aired on the WB, but I later watched reruns on Adult Swim.

The main character seems to be a kid named Milo Oblong, who lives in the Valley with his family. He's probably the most normal of his siblings, though he has various mental issues, and is on lots of medication. And he wishes he could have a more Hills-like lifestyle. His family includes his parents, Bob and Pickles. Bob has no arms or legs, but he gets around by hopping on his butt, or whatever. And his attitude is like a typical 1950s TV dad. Pickles is alcoholic, and originally comes from the Hills. And now she's basically a wreck. Um, aside from Milo, Bob and Pickles have other sons, Biff and Chip (who are conjoined twins), and their youngest child is a daugher named Beth, who has a growth coming out of her head, but otherwise seems normal. Also, Milo has some weird friends he hangs out with. My favorite is Creepy Susie, the cynical, depressed, kind of goth French girl. The most annoying of his friends is Helga, who is ugly, but believes she is pretty and popular, like the girls from the Hills. And... Milo's other friends are Peggy and Mikey. I don't remember them well, but I probably found them less interesting than the others.

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