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Fear Itself, on NBC
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This aired in 2008. There were 13 episodes produced, but I guess only eight of them aired in the U.S. (all 13 are available on DVD). I probably saw all the ones that aired, but I don't remember them very well at all. I'm sure I wasn't greatly impressed with any of them. But if I saw them again, I might remember them. And I'm sure some must have been better than others. Actually, the only one I remember with anything like clarity is "In Sickness and in Health," which was notable, to me, for guest starring Maggie Lawson and James Roday, whom I was already used to seeing together on Psych (playing much different characters, of course). The main thing I remember about this is finding the twist ending utterly ludicrous, because in light of it, I don't think any aspect of the way Lawson's character behaved throughout the episode made any sense whatsoever. Anyway, some of the other episodes also included guest stars I knew from (or would later see in) other stuff (such as Rachel Miner in "The Sacrifice"). Such familiar guest stars would, for me, be the main draw, for this series. (Other people might be more interested by each episode being directed by a different horror movie director, but since I'm not particularly into that genre, that was pretty much lost on me.)

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