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The Ray Bradbury Theater, Global (Canada) / HBO/USA Network (USA)
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This ran from 1985-86 on HBO, and from 1988-92 on USA Network. I never saw any of it when it first ran, but I thought I might have seen a bit of it in reruns on Sci-Fi, or something. However, when I started watching it on Amazon in 2018, I kind of felt like I must have been confusing it for some other series. I won't know for sure until I've seen the whole thing. But anyway... it's all based on stories by Ray Bradbury. And the show's intro has him giving a description of the series, which is pretty cheesy, and not very believable. I mean, he says "exactly one half exhilaration, exactly one half terror." So far, I haven't found either of those adjectives to be applicable to any of the episodes I've watched. Mostly it's pretty boring and silly. And yet... I can't stop watching. Partly that's because I keep hoping to find episodes I like (and to be honest, some are better than others), and partly it's because it's fun to see guest stars who are familiar to me from other things. Anyway, maybe I'll have more to say later. I dunno.

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