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Strange Frequency, on VH1
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This was originally a TV movie, and later a series. A horror-ish anthology, with stories related to music in some way. The movie itself was comprised of four separate stories, which aired as individual episodes in the latter part of the subsequent series. I don't actually remember if I saw the series or not; I probably just saw the movie. And there's only really one story I remember from it with anything like clarity: "More Than a Feeling." Though I'd probably remember the other stories if I ever saw them again. I don't remember being all that into the stories, anyway, but the one I do remember was... psychologically intense. The end definitely freaked me out. And that's all I can say, I guess.

Amazon has two DVDs- the first has the original movie, and the second has four other episodes from the series. But the series had twelve episodes, so it seems four of them aren't available. Although you might find one of the missing episodes on YouTube....

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