I haven't seen enough of this show to rate it.

The Andy Griffith Show, on CBS
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What little I have seen of this, I found fairly boring. But it's still a classic, and I would almost say the grand-daddy of quirky shows. Y'know, not very quirky, really, but sort of mildly proto-quirky. So mad props for that alone, cuz y'know I love the modern quirky shows. What else to say? It had Andy Griffith, of course, playing Andy Taylor, the sheriff of a small town called Mayberry. It had Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife, a classic TV character if ever there was one. It had Ron Howard as Andy's son, Opie. There were other characters, who I don't remember so well. I can't think what else to say, except that the theme music is nicely nostalgic. I feel like if I ever tried seriously watching the series, I might get to like it more than I did when I first watched a few reruns, years ago. Though I should also mention there were a couple of spin-off series in which I have no real interest.

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