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This is a page for any ads that I remember seeing when I was younger, mostly the 1980s, but possibly some from the 90s, as well. Some of them will be Canadian commercials, since I lived close enough to Canada to get a couple of Canadian TV stations. (Some ads are from the 70s, but I saw either reruns of them or later ads in the same style.) I'm sure there are countless ads that escape my recollection at the moment, but if i saw them again they'd be very nostalgic to me. And there are some I can't find. (And there are probably ads that are vaguely nostalgic to me on some of my other commercial pages.) See also Heritage Minutes.

This playlist includes: Coke (I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing); Life (Hey Mikey); Tootsie Roll; Coke (Mean Joe Green); PSA (Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe); Nestle Quik (patience is a virtue); Cheerios (chalk man); Tootsie Pop (how many licks?); Wendy's (Where's the beef?); Hubba Bubba; PSA (Louie the Lightning bug); PSA (Carly the Cardinal); PSA (Louie again); Aero; PSA (Astar); Cadbury bunny; Hershey's; Pantene (Kelly LeBrock); Dominos (avoid the Noid); Coke (Max Headroom); Folgers (Peter); California Raisins; Big Red; McDonalds (Camp Nippersink); Milk (one of many "mirror" ads); Juicy Fruit; Crispy Critters; McDonalds (skating); Nut & Honey Crunch; PSA (I learned it by watching you!); General Foods International Coffee; Heinz (slow ketchup); Cherry 7-Up; Rice Krispies; 3 Musketeers; Heinz (hidden ketchup); Jeopardy; PSA (Snake); Sprite; Lender's bagels; Sobeys; Pace (get a rope); Cracklin' Oat Bran; Oil of Olay; McDonalds (Big Drams); Sunlight; long distance gift certificates*; Energizer; PSA (Nic a teen); McDonalds (castle McNugget); Sprint (lighten up); Polaner All Fruit; Pizza Hut; Coffee Crisp; Pot of Gold; McDonalds (props); LaVerdier's; Starter (Jazzy Jeff).

*long distance gift certificates
This is an ad from the late 80s. The one I found was for MTS, but I guess the same ad was done throughout Canada, by various phone service providers. I think the one I saw in my area would have been NBTel, but I could be wrong. In fact, when I thought of this ad, I didn't remember what it was for at all. I didn't know it had anything to do with phone service or gift certificates, I just remembered the talking gifts.

Consumer Information Catalog
I don't currently have any of these ads in my playlist. I'm sure I must have seen several PSAs for this mail-order catalog provided by the FCIC, in the 1980s and probably early 90s. The address "Pueblo, Colorado 81009" is very familiar. But I'm not sure if any of the few ads I can find on YouTube are ones I had seen (mostly they'd be from before my time, ads from the 70s). Still, I thought I should mention it.

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