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Fluppy Dogs, on ABC
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This aired as a one-hour special on "The Wonderful World of Disney," on Thanksgiving 1986. (At least according to most sites, though a couple of sites list it as airing in August 1987; all I remember is that I saw it sometime in the mid-80s.) Apparently, it was supposed to be the pilot for a series, but the series never got made, because the movie got poor ratings. Also apparently there was like a line of toys and books and stuff, but I don't recall ever being aware of that. All I can really say is that I remember enjoying the movie... as much of it as I saw. I believe I missed like the last 10 minutes or so, for some reason. Not sure if I had taped it and the tape cut out, or if I was watching it live and either the channel cut out for some reason, or the channel dropped the feed and switched to something else, for some reason, or maybe we just had a power outage, or what. (Actually, maybe we had to go to a relative's house and I had to stop watching it when we left our house.) But it always really bugged me that I never got to see the end. Although the movie's on YouTube now, so maybe one of these days I'll actually watch it, and write up a proper review.

For now, all I can say is there were these cute little talking dogs (Fluppy Dogs) from a parallel universe, who had this key that let them travel between dimensions. They wound up in our world, and got some help from a couple of kids, while some evil guy who collected exotic animals wanted to get his hands on them.

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