I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

My Date with the President's Daughter, on ABC
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This aired in 1998 on ABC's revival of "The Wonderful World of Disney," though I can't remember if I saw it there, or some time later on Disney Channel (whether days, weeks, months, or years later, I forget). Anyway, it starred Will Friedle as a teenager named Duncan Fletcher, who makes a date with a girl named Hallie (Elisabeth Harnois), whom he had just met at the mall. But... to Duncan's surprise, when he goes to pick her up, he discovers Hallie's father is George Richmond... the President of the United States. (It's pretty sad that he didn't recognize the address she gave him as being the White House, the most famous address in America, but... therein lies the comedy, I guess.) Anyway, they spend the night evading the Secret Service in Hallie's attempt to have a normal time, which she never gets to do, I guess. I don't remember the movie well enough to give a good description of it, but I'm pretty sure I thought it was reasonably enjoyable. Maybe not something that at the time I felt the need to ever see again, but now that more than a decade has passed, I wouldn't mind seeing it again sometime, and writing a better review.

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