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Not Quite Human, on ABC
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This is something I saw on "The Wonderful World of Disney," when I was a kid. I don't remember it particularly well, but I do remember very much enjoying it (as well as its sequels, "Not Quite Human II" and "Still Not Quite Human"). I always thought it was kind of corny, but... definitely fun. Apparently it was based on a book series, which I haven't read. Anyway, Alan Thicke (of Growing Pains fame) played a scientist named Dr. Jonas Carson, who created an android named Chip, who looked like a 17-year-old human boy. Dr. Carson quit his job, and moved to a new town, along with his teenage daughter, Becky (Robyn Lively). He enrolled Chip in high school, where he took a job as a science teacher, so he could keep an eye on Chip, and monitor his progress at learning to fit in with real humans. Naturally, complications arose. I'd love to watch this movie (and the sequels) someday, and write up proper reviews. I should be able to do that on YouTube, or something, though sadly, the movies will probably never be on TV again, or DVD. (I would so totally buy them on DVD if I could.)

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