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Good Girls, on NBC, Sundays at 10PM
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Season One
There are these three suburban women, each of whom has a problem. Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) is a mother of four young children, who finds out that her husband, Dean (Matthew Lillard), has been having an affair with one of his employees. More importantly, she learns that he has made some bad financial decisions, so they're now deeply in debt (with three mortgages on their house). Meanwhile, Beth's younger sister, Annie Marks (Mae Whitman), has a minimum wage job at a grocery store. She also has a gender non-conforming daughter named Sadie. (That is, Sadie apparently is unsure of her gender identity. If and when she does make a definite decision, I'll adapt pronouns in my review accordingly.) Annie and Sadie have a pretty good relationship, but now Annie's ex, Gregg (Sadie's father), is suing for custody, believing he's better able, financially, to provide for their daughter. Meanwhile, Beth and Annie have a friend named Ruby Hill (Retta), who has a couple of kids. She has a loving husband named Stan (Reno Wilson), and both of them spend most of their time working, which can make it hard to spend time with their kids. More importantly, their daughter, Sara, needs a new kidney, which means being put on a very long waiting list. Ruby has heard of some new medicine that could help Sara, but it's extremely expensive.

So... Beth, Annie, and Ruby decide to rob the store where Annie works, expecting to get about $30,000, which the store is ensured for. However, they end up getting away with half a million dollars, though they have no idea why the store had that much cash in the vault. They agree not to spend any of the money right away, but they all end up breaking that promise. And a couple of problems arise. One is that during the robbery, Annie's asshole boss, Boomer, recognized her tattoo, and now he tries to blackmail her into giving him sexual favors in exchange for his not telling the police she was involved in the robbery. He later tries to rape her, but is stopped by Beth. (Unfortunately, they can't report him because of their own crime, and Annie has to go on working for him at the store.) And eventually, some gangsters, led by a guy named Rio, show up at Beth's house. It's unclear how they know these women were behind the robbery, but they do. And the extra money was theirs; they have a money laundering arrangement with various local businesses. And now Rio wants his money back, with interest. Unfortunately, because they've spent some of it already, the women can't get back the full amount.

Over the course of the 10-episode first season, the three women start working for Rio, by spending counterfeit money at various stores and later returning what they'd bought for real money, of which Rio gives them a cut. Meanwhile, Boomer tries to find out what they're up to, and also tells an FBI agent named Turner about him. At first Turner doesn't take Boomer seriously, though he does eventually become suspicious. Also, after Beth had kicked Dean out of the house for cheating and everything, she eventually lets him move back in, when he tells her he has cancer (which is a lie). And Stan becomes a cop, which makes it even more problematic for Ruby to keep her secret life of crime... secret. And throughout all of this, there's always the danger that Rio might eventually kill the three women, if he decides they're more trouble than they're worth. And after awhile, the women get other people involved in laundering the counterfeit money, without letting them know what they're actually doing. But one of them, a woman named Mary Pat, figures out that whatever they're doing is illegal, and begins blackmailing Beth, Annie, and Ruby.

Some major developments occur in the season finale, which for now I won't spoil, though I suppose I'll have to when season two starts. For now, I'll just say it's both an amusing and dramatic show, and I like the three main characters. Beth is kind of the mastermind of the trio, while Annie is mostly sort of goofy and the most eager to actually do crime, and Ruby is the most reluctant and nervous one of the the three (but she goes along with their plans because her monetary concern is by far the most pressing).

Season Two
Details coming sooner or later.

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