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100 Things to Do Before High School, on Nickelodeon
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This began with a one-hour pilot special in November 2014, before the main series began in May 2015. I don't have access to Nickelodeon, and I don't recall being aware of this series when it aired (but I probably would have heard of it when working on my website's calendar, at that time). But anyway, I happened to randomly watch the pilot movie on Hulu in July 2019. (It was included with my Hulu subscription, but it can also be bought or rented on Amazon.) I was going to write a review of the pilot, but I decided instead just to include it as part of the series... if I ever get a chance to see the series. Right now, it's not available on Hulu at all, and I don't want to rent it on Amazon (which lists the episodes under two seasons, though Wikipedia says they're all part of a single season). But I do hope to watch the series someday, one way or another.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete, on Nickelodeon
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This show started airing a couple years before I first got cable, and ended a year after I got cable. Unlike some cable shows, I don't remember being aware of its existence before I had cable, and in fact I'm not sure I was aware of it even after I got cable... though I probably was, and just forgot about it on account of never watching it. But years later, the internet made me aware that it had been pretty popular, so I now I think I might like to check it out someday.

Andi Mack, on Disney Channel
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I don't currently have Disney Channel, so I can't check this out. I don't know if I'd really like it, but I might. (I watched the trailer online, and had an immediate guess what a big plot twist would be. Later, I read online that I was right.)

The Bureau of Magical Things, on Eleven/10 Peach (Australia) / Nickelodeon/Teen Nick (USA)
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I haven't been able to see this since I don't get Nickelodeon or TeenNick.

Code Lyoko, on France 4 (France)
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This is a sequel series to Code Lyoko, but with the real world segments done in live-action instead of animation. Since I was a fan of the animated series, I'd like to check it out someday, though I guess I never finished watching the old series, so I should do that first.

Edgemont, on CBC (Canada)
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I may have seen a very little bit of this, probably not a full episode. I think it's something I may have occasionally caught while channel surfing. Anyway, it's a teen drama or whatever. I'd probably like to see the series properly someday, because I like some of the actors who were in it.

The Edison Twins, on CBC (Canada)
Amazon; IMDb; Retro Junk;;; Wikipedia

A show I know I watched when I was a kid, so it has nostalgic value, except that I don't actually remember anything about it. I'd love to see it again sometime.

Goosebumps, on YTV (Canada) / FOX (USA)
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This anthology series aired for four seasons, from 1995-98, on Fox Kids, but I never saw it. It's based on the books of R.L. Stine, which I've never read. In 2015, there was a movie of the same name based on the series (or based on the books, whatever). Anyway, I might like to check out the show someday. At least a bit of it.

I Am Frankie, on Nickelodeon
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I haven't had a chance to see this since I don't get Nickelodeon, but the premise sounds interesting (even if not entirely original).

K-9, on Network Ten (Australia)
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K-9 is a robot dog who first appeared in the science fiction series Doctor Who in 1977 (though I would have first seen it in reruns in the 80s). He later got his own spin-off, K-9 & Company, in 1981, though the series never made it past the pilot episode. (I also would have seen that in the late 80s, I think.) And he appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures, in 2007. So, the character has a long history, and has had several incarnations over the years (kinda like the Doctor himself). The latest incarnation came in this show in 2009. I think it aired in Australia before it did in the UK, though I'm really not clear on whether any Australian company had a hand in making it, or if it's a strictly British production. Whatever, I live in the U.S., of course, and I've never seen it. But I'd certainly like to. I feel like there's a good chance I won't like the show that much, and I'm also not sure if the series is considered canonical within the Whoniverse. But since I'm a fan of the character... I should at least check it out, if I get the chance.

Lab Rats, on Disney XD
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Don't currently get Disney XD, so I haven't had a chance to check this out.

Level Up, on Cartoon Network
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I'm not even sure if I want to see this; a TV movie pilot aired in 2011, and I didn't get to see that. I'd have to do so before deciding if I'm interested in the series or not, but I might be.

The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, on Nickelodeon
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It's entirely likely that I gave this show a chance (probably just one episode) and decided not to bother with it, but then again it's also possible I never saw it at all. I certainly remember being aware of it, when it first aired. And now I feel like I'd like to give it more of a chance, someday.

The Other Kingdom, on Nickelodeon
IMDb; Nickipedia; Paramount+; TV Tango; Wikia; Wikipedia

Not sure if I'd like this, but I'd like to check it out. Except I don't currently get Nick.

Powerhouse, on PBS
IMDb;; Wikipedia

A show I know I watched when I was a kid, so it has nostalgic value, except that I don't actually remember anything about it. I'd like to see it again sometime, maybe.

Pryor's Place, on CBS
IMDb; Retro Junk;; TV Tropes; Wikipedia

This was a Saturday morning children's show starring Richard Pryor, which aired for a single season in 1984. I must have watched it, but I don't remember it, so I'd really like to see it again. The one thing I can sort of say is that I have a vague recollection of at some point in my childhood having seen a show where the cast did a version of the song "Ease On Down the Road" (from "The Wiz"), and I think this might be the show I'm thinking of. (It would make sense, since Pryor was in that movie.)

Radio Free Roscoe, on Family (Canada) / The N (USA)
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Dunno what to say. But I'd like to check it out someday maybe.

The Rocketeer, on Disney Junior
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This 2019 animated series is based on the 1980s comic books and 1991 live-action film of the same name. Unlike the original incarnation (which was set in 1938), the TV series is set in the present, when a girl named Kit Secord receives a rocket pack on her sixth birthday, which I guess has been passed down through the generations. Even though it's obviously a show for young kids, I'd like to check it out, since I'm a fan of the movie. But I don't get Disney Junior, so I'm not sure if or when I might get to see the show.

Sam & Cat, on Nickelodeon
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This is a spin-off of two other Nick shows. It's about Sam Puckett, from iCarly, a show that I liked well enough, and Cat Valentine, from "Victorious," a show of which I watched an episode or two before deciding not to watch any more of it. I didn't think it was a bad show, I just didn't like it quite enough to continue. And Cat was probably my favorite character on the show. (She's played by Ariana Grande, who's now better known as a pop star.) So... these are two characters I'd be interested in seeing together in their own show, but alas, I didn't have Nickelodeon at the time this was airing. Hopefully I can check it out someday, though.

School of Rock, on Nickelodeon
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I have no idea if I'd like this, but I do like the movie it's based on.

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, on ITV (UK)
IMDb;; Wikipedia

Okay, I have no idea what channel I would've watched this on or how much I might've seen of it. I don't really remember it much at all, of course, but I remember the theme song ("Profoundly in Love with Pandora," by Ian Dury). The trouble with that is, I looked for an mp3 of it, and found a few different versions, but none of them are exactly as I remember, or at least none of them have one particular line I remember. So I'm not sure if it's just another case of my memory being flunky, or what. I clearly remember the line "I'm profoundly in love with Pandora/ adolescence proves to be a strain/ I'd gladly lay my heart before her/ despite these growing pains." Odd how I've never heard that in any of several different versions I downloaded, including a full-length song. In any event, I'd like a chance to see the series again sometime, though I really have no idea if I'd even like it or not. Oh, and apparently the series was based on a book, which I've never read. Actually a series of books, but I think this show was only based on the first one. And there was apparently a second TV series which was probably based on the second book. And I can't be sure if I saw a bit of the original TV series or the second series (I very much doubt it would have been both). I think whatever channel I watched it on simply called it "Adrian Mole," but I could be wrong about that.

Space Cases, on Nickelodeon
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I feel like I probably watched the first episode of this and didn't like it, when it first aired. But now I'd like to give it a chance, basically because one of the stars was Jewel Staite, whose work I later enjoyed in other things. I probably still wouldn't like the series, but you never know.

Whiz Kids, on CBS
IMDb; Retro Junk;; TV Tango; Wikipedia

I have an incredibly vague memory of watching this when I was a kid (I must have been about 8). I'm sure I liked it at the time, but now I don't remember anything about it. So it'd be neat to see it again someday. (In spite of not remembering it well, it's super nostalgic to me just because it's one of the first prime-time shows I remember watching.)

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