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Life With Derek, on Family (Canada) / Disney Channel (USA)
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This was a Canadian show, but I watched it on Disney. It's about this girl named Casey Macdonald, whose mom Nora just married George Venturi (Nora and George were both divorced). Now Casey, her little sister Lizzie, and Nora move in with George and his sons, Derek and Edwin, and daughter Marti. There's not enough space in the house, and Casey isn't happy about having to move, start a new school, make new friends, and everything. And she's especially not happy to be living with Derek, who's really annoying. To make matters worse, he seems to always get whatever he wants at home, and at school everyone thinks he's really cool. (Kinda reminds me of Ferris Bueller, except he actually was cool.) Anyway, the show's okay. Not great, but I liked it well enough I guess. However, I didn't get a chance to see the whole series, and that doesn't really bother me much. It was kind of amusing, and Marti was an adorable little kid, and the most interesting relationship on the show was probably between Lizzie and Edwin (who were both sort of middle children, even if technically Lizzie didn't have a younger sibling of her own; certainly they were both stuck in the middle of Casey's squabbles with Derek).

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