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Girl Meets World, on Disney Channel
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This is a 2014-2017 sequel series to the 1993-2000 series Boy Meets World. I think I must have first heard of it in late 2012, so I wanted to see it ever since then... but I don't currently get Disney Channel, so I couldn't. Which is really annoying. But I'm finally watching it on Disney+ in 2021, and I guess I kind of like it. Not as much as the original series, at least at first. But over time it grew on me, so yeah, now I like it as much as the original.

Anyway, Cory and Topanga from the original series are now married, and have two kids, a 12-year-old daughter named Riley and a young son named Auggie. The show focuses on Riley and her best friend, Maya Hart. They're both in a history class taught by Cory, which they frequently interrupt and sometimes even just walk out of. I don't remember that kind of thing happening on the original series when Cory was a kid, but it probably did. Aside from Riley and Maya, they have two other friends: a weird but very self-confident boy named Farkle, and a boy who recently moved from Texas to New York City, named Lucas. Riley has a crush on Lucas, but Maya makes fun of him a lot for being from the South. (Most of the time I think she's the best character on the show, but when she makes fun of Lucas I just think she's mean.) I don't really know what else to say right now, except that I do really like the friendship between Riley and Maya. Oh, and I think the theme song's kind of catchy.

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