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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, on ABC (s1-4) / The WB (s5-7)
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This was preceded by a TV movie of the same name on Showtime, though the series is somewhat different, and totally ignores the events of the movie.

Well, I probably watched two or three seasons of this. I dunno. Maybe a bit more. Can't really remember, but I know it must've gone on for a few years or so after I stopped watching it. Anyway, it was based on a comic book that I never read, about a cute teenage witch named Sabrina Spellman (Melissa Joan Hart). She lived with her aunts, Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick). I dunno where Sabrina's parents were, dead or just away, or what. One of them was a mortal, so she was actually only half-witch. And there was a talking cat named Salem Saberhagen, who was a warlock that had been turned into a cat as punishment for like, trying to take over the world, or something. But he was funny.

So, what else to say? There was a slightly dumb guy named Harvey Kinkle, who Sabrina dated. I don't even remember if they were a couple at the start of the series or if it took awhile before they became more than just friends. But he didn't know Sabrina was a witch. No mortals did, I suppose, and the Spellmans had to keep people from finding out. Thus, hilarity ensued. Well, it was always a fairly campy little show, or cheesy, or something. But fun, and sort of funny, and silly. And, you know, there was magic. And a whole other realm the Spellmans occasionally went to, and other magical creatures and stuff, I guess. It could be kind of interesting, at times. Yep, a simple little guilty pleasure, the show was. But eventually I think it just got too dumb, and also perhaps too much about the eye candy, IMO, so I got sick of it and stopped watching. But it was okay for awhile. Still, maybe I would like to see the whole series someday. Oh, and there are a couple of TV movies that also aired on ABC, that I think are part of the continuity of the series, unlike the Showtime movie.

The show spawned a sort of prequel animated series (see other cartoons).

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